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A Man of Ideas and Solutions

The 25th Congressional District needs a powerful leader who has the knowledge, experience and integrity to provide real solutions for our community’s most pressing and concerning problems. 

I am David Lozano, and I am that leader. 

My devotion to Public Service and the Administration of Justice spans over 40 years.

In 1980, I took an oath as a Los Angeles County Sheriff to uphold the law and protect my community where I served with pride and distinction. Years later, in 1993, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States as an attorney, a solemn duty I cherish to this day. My law enforcement background combined with my legal experience is the foundation of my qualifications as both a leader and a source of creative and innovative solutions.  

As a Peace Officer, I have dealt directly with issues of homelessness, drug enforcement, mental health and community safety. As one of California’s most respected, aggressive and skillful Attorneys, I have fought for over 25 years for the economic rights of the citizens of the 25th District by saving their homes from foreclosure, their businesses from shutting down and their lives from financial ruin.

The 25th Congressional District needs an aggressive, skillful advocate to safeguard our community on a range of issues that include healthcare, gun safety, quality education for our children and preserving Social Security for our elderly.

I am asking for you to believe in our community’s future by voting for me as your next Congressman



About David

Meet David Lozano

David Lozano has a remarkable background, both professionally and personally, spanning over four decades and ranging from currently being an accomplished and well-recognized attorney in Federal Court that specializes not only in business and personal finance, but is known to be an aggressive and skillful negotiator as well, advising and instructing other attorneys and law firms throughout the country. Lozano has owned, managed and operated his own law firm and several other law firms as a senior law partner for over 25 years; is a Board Certified Specialist in the field of bankruptcy law; and in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was both a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Monterey Park.


Aside from working uniformed field patrol out of the infamous Lennox Sheriff Station in Watts of South Central Los Angeles where he was involved in making over a hundred felony arrests, Lozano was involved in numerous life-saving rescue operations and investigative crime teams that resulted in several department commendations. Lozano has also had the opportunity to work IRC (Inmate Reception Center) of the Men’s Main Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles, Biscailuz Center, Sybil Brand Institute, 13th Floor Jail Ward at the USC Medical Center and Wayside Honor Ranch in the 25th Congressional District. 

Lozano holds a Juris Doctorate Degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut where he received the Thurgood Marshall Award and the Distinguished Academic Achievement Award, as well as being chosen to be a student legal analyst for the Connecticut State Legislature. Lozano was also the first sophomore in the school’s history to be elected as the law school’s Student Body Vice-President.  

Lozano earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at California State University, Los Angeles where he was elected to the Student Body Council Board of Directors, as well as being also elected President of his college Fraternity, Sigma Nu – the same fraternity that the respected California politician Michael D. Antonovich was a fraternity brother (Antonovich was Pin #1 and Lozano was Pin #212). 

Lozano is proud to have worked for the great African-American criminal defense attorney William “Bill” Moffitt (now deceased) out of Washington D.C./Virginia and his associate Lisa Kemler, now a Judge for the Alexandria 18th Circuit Court in Virginia, as well as working for the Honorable Frederick Rotenberg of the L.A. Superior Court when the Judge was in private practice.

Lozano’s various jobs have also allowed him to work in five different continents throughout the world, ranging from being a teacher, professional sommelier and restaurateur, an international guest relations representative, an underwater dive instructor and explorer. All of these jobs brought about a broad range of knowledge and experience to learn how businesses, governments and cultures merge and cooperate to find solutions to problems and complex situations.

All of these jobs and positions, in combination with his academic achievements, gives Lozano the capacity to have the knowledge, skill, ability and experience to govern, manage, direct and most importantly. . . to lead.

Issues & Solutions

David's Platform

By voting for David Lozano as your next Congressman, he will take action to see that the following matters will be brought immediately to Washington.  He will aggressively and tirelessly fight for all of the following issues, and as a result, the 25th Congressional District will become not only one of the most leading districts to do business and be employed in but one of the country’s most secure, safest and proudest districts to reside and raise a family in.  

As Congressman, David Lozano will . . . 


Fight to ensure that your home, neighborhood, schools and community will always remain safe and secure by acquiring the Federal funds necessary to strengthen our law enforcement personnel by providing them with the top and most current equipment and education necessary to combat crime, and to instruct them on the most current psychological ways to approach and subdue suspects without harming them while building trust and support in the community.

Provide real solutions to eliminate homelessness of those that currently reside in our surrounding communities, in our State, and in our Country by gently and compassionately providing them a home, food, clothing, and job – so they can once again go back and re-enter society with honor and dignity. Along with that, by also providing for the mentally ill and those that are drug dependant on the medical and psychological care they so desperately need. 

To enhance, promote, protect and expand Palmdale’s Aerospace Engineering Industry, Edwards Airforce Base and Plant 42 programs which continue to be a huge, integral part of the local economy by bringing over 400 new and future “technological” aerospace projects to the area.  Lozano will fight to acquire the funds and the contracts necessary to bring to the Antelope Valley. 

By introducing an entirely new and innovative Federal Program to not only aid and assist the mentally ill in our surrounding neighborhoods, but to provide them the appropriate care and treatment necessary to address, manage, self-manage and re-acclimate these individuals so they can return to their families, become and remain employed and contribute back to their communities.  Along with this, to build the appropriate medical facilities that can provide not only both long term care and out-patient treatment but to build facilities specifically designed to treat that particular mental illness.  

To fight to ensure that no one in the 25th Congressional District is without a job!  No unemployment!  Lozano is not going to rest until everyone in the District has a full-time, full paying job with benefits that are paid out at the hourly rate fitted to that individual’s skill level, education level and years of experience level that that person is deserving of. 

The addressing, resolution and permanent elimination of illegal immigration.  Lozano is in full support of legal immigration – and Lozano will bring solutions to address this issue.  But at the heart of this matter is that we as Americans must always maintain an impenetrable and unyielding border to protect our country and all our citizens from the possibility of intruders, terrorists and those that would bring harm and disruption to our society. 

The full and complete backing of all our military branches and the continuous support of maintaining their complete military strength.

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